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It's not Halloween without a Witch - but for a party without a hitch or glitch, which is the Witch for you?

Witch Picklelily provides spooky-but-fun Halloween magic shows suitable for all ages. Whether you want a nursery show for pre-schoolers or something more suitable for primary school children, Witch Picklelily will tailor the show accordingly, making sure it is totally age appropriate.
Halloween Magic Party
In her Halloween shows, Witch Picklelily performs lots of haunting Halloween magic, including the famous 'Sawing Barbie In Half' illusion! She also brings along Gavin, her cheeky yet lovable pet ghost, who gets up to all sorts of mischief during the show!

As well as the fantastical magic show, Witch Picklelily completes the party with music and dancing games suitably themed for the occasion, such as Ghostly Footsteps, Musical Monsters and the Egyptian Mummy game.

You can choose whichever  option suits you best: a 40 minute magic show, a one hour party or a two hour party. Remember: Halloween shows are perfect for after-school weekday parties, either before or after 'trick or treating'!

Witch Picklelily always gets booked up far in advance for Halloween, so please plan well ahead to avoid disappointment. It's never silly to call Picklelily!

Call me on 07986 787775 to start planning your Halloween party, email me at careenafenton@gmail.com or use our Contact Form

"Jake had a fantastic time yesterday and insisted on seeing a second show too just before our train was due to leave. Best quote very loudly in the cafe was "how did she get that coin out of my bottom", he was completely baffled. Brill show :-D"
Kev Adams, Bridgnorth

Hello, wonderful Picklelily! This is one of the photos from your fantastic Halloween show at Bishop's Castle Library last year. We are so excited to have you booked in again for this year! Absolutely wonderful show, loved by all of the kids (even us big ones).
Bishops Castle Library
Magic at your Halloween event
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